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Australia’s First SMART Lighting Grid

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City of Katherine Selects Green Frog Systems to Design and Supply New Smart Street Lighting for Australia’s First Non-test Application of Connected Street Lighting Technology.

The Northern Territory’s City of Katherine is set to become the first fully connected smart lighting city in Australia this year with the entire towns street lighting grid being upgraded to some of the most advanced LED street lighting technology available in the later half of 2017.

Green Frog Systems were selected from numerous tender applications and involved meeting the technical specifications and requirements for street lighting and for connected devices outlined by the Australian Federal Government and the Town of Katherine. A particularly strong focus was placed on maximising energy efficiency through newly available metering technology.

The advanced capabilities of the proposed system were cited as being the distinguishing factor that led to the Green Frog Systems submission being accepted. These include more efficient energy consumption and metering providing more accurate consumption data for billing and field maintenance, faster outage detection to bolster network reliability and greater data and analytics capabilities. Wireless controls and monitoring capabilities allow for smart dimming schedules as well as instant notification in the event of failure or unplanned outages.

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The advanced Meter Data Management system will help Katherine Town Council to better monitor, gather, validate and process usage data in support of billing and other reporting obligations. It also paves the way for citywide energy management solutions to help Councils and Government better monitor and control their energy usage.

smart lighting infographic

Green Frog Systems stated that the “Growing demands on utilities and grid infrastructure are driving the need for advanced metering capabilities, to help Cities and Councils monitor and account for energy consumption particularly in areas of public lighting. We are aiming to provide a platform for Katherine Town Council to continue modernising the grid so that they can remain at the forefront of local provisions, whether it be deployment or expansion of public lighting or some other response to ever-changing customer demands and new technologies.”



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