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LGA Conference 2018

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Green Frog Systems, has been working with local communities for many years and we are absolutely thrilled to receive fantastic feedback from Mayor Glenn Docherty and CEO Mal Hemmerling from the City of Playford. This video was recently presented by our CEO David Wilson at the National General Assembly of Local Government 2018 in Canberra ACT. You can see the full program and list of speakers at the Australian Local Government Association website HERE

You can also see the full Playford Bowling Club Launch Video on their YouTube channel or read the project case study on the Palms Residential Village Solar Lighting Project where Green Frog Systems increased the site visibility for emergency services and public access.

Onslow OMSB project

Solar Street lights installed at OMSB

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Solar Street Lights Installed at the Onslow Marine Support Base, Western Australia.

Onslow OMSB project

Onslow, Western Australia – Maritime Constructions install GFS-400 solar street lights on latest infrastructure development, a $40 million Marine Support Base constructed at Onslow, Western Australia.

The development features a 204m main hard backed wharf, large laydown facilities, dual landing craft transport ramps, fuel supply, and also includes a heavy lift pad capable of accommodating a 700-tonne crane. The privately funded project will be developed into a service hub for vessels operating throughout Western Australia’s offshore oil and gas fields.

Green Frog Systems supplied eleven GFS-400 solar street lights, offering superior light coverage and a 100% off grid energy solution allowing the site owners to completely avoid the ongoing energy supply charges of mains powered flood lighting around the perimeter. The specified solar street light supplied was specifically designed to withstand the exceptionally tough Australian weather and seasonal cyclone conditions that Onslow is subject to.

solar street lights at Onslow Marine Support Base

Installation times were greatly reduced, as the system did not require extensive trenching and mains power connection.


Founded in 2011, Green Frog Systems have quickly established themselves as the leading Australian designer and manufacturer of world-class road and pathway lighting, energy storage and smart connected lighting networks for extreme environments. They service clients across a wide range of industries from all over the world providing innovative lighting solutions for government, mining, industrial and commercial infrastructure.

solar powered sign

Solar Sign – Elizabeth City Centre

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The City of Playford ; a local government area of South Australia in Adelaide’s northern suburbs approached Green Frog Systems for a completely off-grid solar illuminated sign for Elizabeth Shopping Centre. The Elizabeth City Centre is the third biggest shopping centre in the state and required a new internally lit sign to be visible from the main highway that passes the centre.


  1. Very Large Sign! – 6m high and 1.5m wide + Double Sided Display
  2. Internal Battery Storage Preferred – Can’t have external batteries or boxes, all batteries must reside within the sign structure
  3. No large external or obtrusive solar panels – must mount to top of sign


The client opted for a completely independent solar energy harvest and storage system without any obtrusive panels or external battery boxes.

  1. Green Frog Systems brand High Performance LED tube system & solar charge controllers.
  2. Low profile high impact 50w solar panels with vandal resistant housing and custom mounting bracket to attach to top of signage.
  3. Custom system tuning for optimal solar conversion and maximum lumen output per watt of electricity captured from the sun.

solar powered sign


The results speak for themselves really but you’re probably wondering how much power a system like this requires?… Total system power consumption – 44watts!

solar powered sign lighting

Now Available in kit form for similar signage applications upon request – CONTACT

smart city installation

Smart Street Lighting Deployed in Katherine NT

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An Australian First – Katherine Town Council shines light on new smart street lighting technology


On the 24 May 2017, Council begun to replace all of the townships streetlights with 855 smart LED lighting fixtures. Although replacing streetlights with LED fittings is becoming common practice, Katherine town Council (KTC) have also deployed a city wide smart street lighting control system to monitor and control each individual light fitting.

smart city installation

In an Australian first, Katherine is integrating LED lighting with a smart lighting control system for an entire town. This system will incorporate advanced real time power monitoring and lighting controls with the ability to also monitor and control its solar street lighting assets deployed in the parkland areas into one central management system. This is deployed in a 3G-4G highly secure cloud based solution developed by Green Frog Systems in Adelaide and its technology partner Cimcon Lighting from the USA.

smart city katherine NT

Even though Katherine’s township is spread out, we only require 6 gateways (data coordinator units) across the whole township to control the 855 lights. The complete smart street lighting grid communicates the status of all lights with no dependence on existing IT infrastructure in the field as it communicates by a SIM card based device (gateway) connected to the Telstra network on selected light fittings that uploads to the cloud.

smart street lighting deployed in katherine NTKatherine

What makes this system unique is that each light reports back its actual power consumption in real time enabling Council to identify actual power usage instantaneously or use its in-built historical reporting based on billing cycles from its electricity retailer. Although in a pilot mode it is hoped the actual power measurement will enable a cost recovery model based on actual usage rather than a fixed cost per quarter for each street light currently by Power and Water NT.

Other in-built features include real-time reporting of light status, including the type of faults – such as no power, LED driver or LED failure and a unique sensor to notify KTC staff if a pole has been knocked over by a vehicle enabling rapid repair response. The system will allow dimming of the lights for use in non-street environments but will eventually enable us to pilot dimming of streets.

Specific modifications to the light fitting under direction from KTC has allowed the installers to replace a light fitting and commission the light in 15 minutes enabling the whole project to be completed within 1 month of commencement.

For further information contact CEO Robert Jennings: Ph 08 8972 5500 Fax 08 8971 0305 Email:

Quick facts on the new LED Solar lighting system:

  •  Project cost – $720,000 (+GST) including installation
  •  New LED lights will reduce annual consumption cost by 50% from $140,000 to $70,000
  •  Life expectancy of the new LED solar lights are 15 years
  •  The new system will reduce the Power Water Corporation forecast maintenance (2016-2017) charges by 90% – from $180,000 down to $36,000. With a further reduction using the Smart Lighting system to drop the maintenance cost down to $20,000 (no need for manual site inspections patrols, etc)
  •  The project will remove Power Water Corporation forecast Capital charges of $206,000 to ZERO as the street lights are now a Council Asset.Katherine Town Council are excited to be able to introduce this technology that will provide increased cost efficiencies and flexibility to our community.
 street lighting katherine
Originally From Katherine Town Council Website – HERE
SENTINEL 50W Mains Powered Street Lights pictured above were deployed city-wide in this latest street light upgrade.
GFS-stealth solar pathway lights

Australia’s Longest Continuous Solar Light Pathway

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Green Frog Systems Completes the Largest Continuous Solar Pathway Light Installation in Australia.

Green Frog Systems supply and install 104 solar pathway lights over 5.5km of Lake Alberts’ walking trail in what is Australia’s longest continuous solar pathway light installation.

solar pathway lighting lake Albert Wagga Wagga

Calls to light up Wagga Waggas iconic lake Albert have finally been answered with 104 STEALTH series solar pathway lights being installed along the lakeside-walking track. From the outset the specifications called for a lighting system that used solar power largely due to the impressive results of several other solar lighting trials within the region.

solar street light installed Lake Albert Wagga Wagga

Local community group Committee 4 Wagga (C4W) launched a unique initiative to finance the installation costs. The scheme called for local businesses and community groups to sponsor a light pole and be acknowledged with a named plaque on each light pole. Wagga Wagga’s City Council and the NSW State Government also provided financial assistance.

The scheme received an incredible community response with all 104 solar lights being sponsored within a few weeks of the initial offering. Chris Fitzpatrick, CEO of – Committee 4 Wagga said “The community response has been amazing, it’s a great story where community and government have come together for something’s that’s beneficial for all.”

solar pathway lighting Lake Albert Wagga

The entire installation was completed within 2 weeks of commencement and is aimed at encouraging more recreational use of the walking track during twilight hours and early morning. Committee 4 Wagga Chairman Judy Galloway said “We want to give people inspiration to get out and exercise around the lake at night and give more people reason to stop by.”

Green Frog Systems designed a contemporary 8M high pole to meet the AS1158 P4 lighting requirements while augmenting the look and feel of Lake Alberts’ natural environment. The custom solar pathway lighting was then deployed around the entire 5.5km of lakeside walking track in what was to become…

The longest continuous installation of solar pathway lights anywhere in Australia!

cyclone rated solar street lighting

Cyclone Rated Solar Street Lighting in Karratha, WA

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City of Karratha Selects Green Frog Systems to Design and Supply Cyclone Rated Solar Street Lighting to Improve Illumination Throughout Pedestrian Walkways Within the District.

solar street light sin Katherine Parklands

City of Karratha has announced that it has selected Green Frog Systems to supply 77 cyclone rated solar street lights for the Karratha Walkways Lighting Project. The aim is to provide residents with illumination along pedestrian walking pathways and streets throughout the township. Suburbs to have solar street lights installed are Pegs Creek, Nickol, Bulgarra, and Millars Well.

After a rigorous tender selection process, our GFS-200 Solar Street Light was deemed the best choice, offering class leading technology and proven durability. The township of Karratha is located in a region of some of the highest cyclonic winds in the nation – ‘Wind Speed Region D, importance level 2’. The GFS-200 has been engineered for this region and able to withstand wind speeds up to 262kph. It is the leading product of choice for Governments and corporations ideally suited to Northern Australia and remote island communities.

Image result for map karratha

According to the Australian Street Lighting Strategy, street lighting is the single largest source of greenhouse gas emissions from local government.  Nationally, the annual cost of public lighting in Australia exceeds $250 million and the greenhouse gas emissions account for between 30-60% of local government’s greenhouse gas emissions (*City of Ipswitch 2015). These statistics coupled with growing demands for public services including lighting are just some of the driving factors for the project with grid connected lighting infrastructure being an overly costly option throughout the region. The geographical location of Karratha Township makes it an ideal candidate for solar lighting as they receive on average over 150 day per year of sunshine.

The project is set to commence mid 2017 and is set for completion within the second half of the year.

*Street Lighting Project, Ipswich LED Street Lighting Retrofit Project – Lighting the way in South East Queensland, City of Ipswitch – Queensland Government, viewed February 15 2017, <>

lake albert solar pathway lighting

Solar Pathway Lights for Lake Albert

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Solar Pathway Lighting of Lake Albert

*Project Update*

Work is well underway on Wagga Wagga’s Lights for Lake Albert project with over half of the 104 STEALTH solar pathway lights already installed.

The project is scheduled for completion by mid-March and aims to encourage more recreational use of the popular Lake Albert walking track. Lights for Lake is a community project, with each light sponsored by a local family or business.

“The community response has been amazing,” C4W CEO Chris Fitzpatrick said. “It’s a great story where government and the community have come together for something’s that’s beneficial for all.”

lights for Lake AlbertLights for Lake Albert

Lake Albert – Wagga Wagga, NSW

This project was Australia’s longest consecutive installation of solar pathway lights.

smart lighting infographic

Australia’s First SMART Lighting Grid

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City of Katherine Selects Green Frog Systems to Design and Supply New Smart Street Lighting for Australia’s First Non-test Application of Connected Street Lighting Technology.

The Northern Territory’s City of Katherine is set to become the first fully connected smart lighting city in Australia this year with the entire towns street lighting grid being upgraded to some of the most advanced LED street lighting technology available in the later half of 2017.

Green Frog Systems were selected from numerous tender applications and involved meeting the technical specifications and requirements for street lighting and for connected devices outlined by the Australian Federal Government and the Town of Katherine. A particularly strong focus was placed on maximising energy efficiency through newly available metering technology.

The advanced capabilities of the proposed system were cited as being the distinguishing factor that led to the Green Frog Systems submission being accepted. These include more efficient energy consumption and metering providing more accurate consumption data for billing and field maintenance, faster outage detection to bolster network reliability and greater data and analytics capabilities. Wireless controls and monitoring capabilities allow for smart dimming schedules as well as instant notification in the event of failure or unplanned outages.

smart LED lighting metering diagram

The advanced Meter Data Management system will help Katherine Town Council to better monitor, gather, validate and process usage data in support of billing and other reporting obligations. It also paves the way for citywide energy management solutions to help Councils and Government better monitor and control their energy usage.

smart lighting infographic

Green Frog Systems stated that the “Growing demands on utilities and grid infrastructure are driving the need for advanced metering capabilities, to help Cities and Councils monitor and account for energy consumption particularly in areas of public lighting. We are aiming to provide a platform for Katherine Town Council to continue modernising the grid so that they can remain at the forefront of local provisions, whether it be deployment or expansion of public lighting or some other response to ever-changing customer demands and new technologies.”



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