• Protecting your areas when you need it most by providing security lighting that is not reliant on grid-power.
  • Increase public safety for public areas and facilities, providing better access to dark spots in your community.
  • Green Frog Systems solutions are engineered for the harshest conditions, including vandalism resistance.
  • With PIR (Passive InfraRed sensor) and ‘Surprise-mode’ functionality, your solar lights can be set to alarm unwanted visitors by illuminating when motion is sensed
  • Providing solutions for:
    • Public Areas
    • Perimeter Lighting
    • Industrial Facilities
    • Carparks
    • Bus Shelters
    • Black Spot Areas
    • Anywhere traditional mains-connected outdoor lighting is impractical or too costly to install.

Solar Security & Safety Lighting Projects

Navajo TMC hospital

Navajo TMC Hospital | Fort Defiance | Arizona

Solar Park Lighting | Alvarado Park | New Mexico

STEALTH solar light at University New Mexico bus stop

Solar Bus Stop Lighting | University of New Mexico


Burswood Public Jetty | Perth Harbour | WA

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