Location : Alvarado Park | Albuquerque, New Mexico

This is the start to their new solar lighting program which will see an increase in the number of solar lights being commissioned by the city. There are numerous advantages of solar powered lighting for parks and public areas. Underground trenching is avoided offering an option with very little impact to existing turf and vegetation. No power grid requirements make project planning quicker and easier and do not require an electrician to be installed.


The parking area and side walks throughout the park are now illuminated making them feel safer for the community and more accessible for residents to enjoy after dark. Improved lighting is one of the most beneficial improvements that can be made to local parks and gardens with neighbouring residents often commenting that they would be very unlikely to make use of an a park or outdoor space at night if it wasn’t adequately illuminated. Low or inadequate lighting in public parks has been linked to increases in crime and other anti-social behaviour.



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