Solar Car Park Lighting

Why solar car park lighting?

Solar powered lighting is fast becoming one of the easiest options for illuminating Car Parks and Parking Spaces with the latest advancements in solar technology making it capable of delivering the same levels of lighting as the mains powered equivalent. This combined with the significant cost savings when trenching and cabling are avoided not to mention the hidden costs associated with mains powered lights such as the grid connection fees and ongoing supply charges. Customers can now use stored solar energy to power the lighting for car parks through almost any weather conditions anywhere on earth.

Green Frog Systems is an industry leader in solar lighting technology and can tailor a reliable solution for your needs, no matter how big the project is.

Reasons you may be considering solar car park lights:

  • Damaged underground cabling or broken conduits causing lighting system failures
  • Existing mains power supply is no longer working or too expensive to repair
  • The cost and disruption of cutting bitumen or trenching a new mains powered circuit is incredibly high
  • The cost of having the outdoor lighting circuit cabled in and connected to the power grid is too high
  • You require a lighting system quickly for safety or security reasons where there no power available
  • You have a strong desire to offset its carbon output or to go green
  • You require a certified solar lighting system for your car parking space
  • You prefer a quality Australian designed product

Green Frog Systems is passionate about shaping the future of smart communities through the delivery of world-class sustainable technologies. Our product line has been purpose built to maximise the economic and environmental benefits of solar energy, to ultimately keep our environment and communities safe.

What are solar car park lights?

A Solar Car Park Light uses the same charging and discharge process as most other solar lights using a solar panel to collect sunlight, then storing that generated electricity in a battery. This battery power is then used by the system after dark to light up an LED light fixture. Safely illuminating Car Parks and Parking Areas without requiring a connection to the mains power grid.

This cycle repeats itself every day to create a stand alone solar light that is environmentally friendly and cost effective. GFS is a market leader in the design of solar lights that has seen massive technological advances in the last 10+ years. This means that in most cases a solar car park light can reliably perform all year round and can in some cases give 100% up-time just like (or better than) a main powered light.

GFS has been developing patented high quality components for over 9 years to make highly reliable solar lighting networks all over the world. We are considered a market leader in highly reliability solar lighting for car parks and parking areas.

Simply fill in your details below and one of our Solar Car Park Lighting experts will find the right solution for you.

Advantages of Green Frog Systems’ Solar car park Lights:

  • Tried and tested in Australia to meet some of the harshest conditions on the planet
  • Offers an environmentally friendly, off-grid solution for outdoor lighting
  • Save on energy and installation costs
  • Illuminate any outdoor area without electricians or trenching costs
  • Engineered for simplicity in an easy to assemble kit form
  • Our team has detailed planning and consulting services to help you determine the right solar light for the right purpose
  • 24×7 phone support from our Australian call centres
  • At GFS we have some of the brightest minds working in our Australian support centers.
  • We can design and build custom solutions depending on clients needs

Solar car park lighting operation

Solar car park lights harvest sunlight during the daytime, convert it into electrical energy that is stored in a battery. At dusk (once sunlight is no longer available) the solar light will begin it’s preset operating mode by turning on and running from the power that was stored during the day. This cycle will continue until the sun rises at dawn.

Solar Car Park Lighting

Solar Lighting Case Studies:

Solar Car Park Lighting | Christies Beach, SA

Smart Solar Roadway Lighting | Victor Harbor, SA

The 5 main components of a solar car park light:

Solar Panels

Solar car park lights are powered by solar panels fixed to the top of a pole or are integrated into the light fitting. GFS is a leader in designing its own solar panels from its R&D center in Australia.


We use our own designed GEL, Li-ion and latest design LiFePO4 with advanced cell balancing technology designed in Australia. These batteries are either stored inside the light fitting, on a pole or within the pole depending on the type of Solar street light used.

Smart Controllers

At night our smart solar controllers turn on the light at dusk where the stored electrical energy in the battery powers the light either all night or by user defined parameters (dimming etc). These controllers also regulate the power to charge the battery during the day and control the power to our highly efficient LED light fixtures.

LED Fixture

Our LED fixtures use advanced LED chips sourced from the USA coupled with advanced LED optics developed by GFS and partners in Europe. This means we can give the same light output as mains powered lighting networks using less power – Thus making our systems more reliable than other Solar Street Light manufacturers.


Depending on the model of GFS Solar car park light they either come with a pole or a customer can supply their own pole or wall mount the system. Some of our products are made to high standards and are designed and certified for tropical cyclone category (Region D). Depending on the model our batteries are mounted inside the pole (GFS-200, GFS-400) at the base, high mounted in the battery box (GFS-200-KT, GFS-400-KT) , or within the pole (GFS-Aspire Series).

Smart Solar Street Lighting | Lakes Entrance, VIC

Who we work with

Green Frog Systems work with a wide range of clients and organisations across many sectors including Council, Government, Civil Construction and Engineering. We have nearly a decade of experience designing and manufacturing solar powered lighting and energy storage technology within these market segments. Green Frog Systems are pioneers in solar technology and can make your next project seamless from start to finish with our comprehensive range of services.


We can assist you with appropriate lighting standards, project specifications and help you select the right options for the application, ensuring you receive the best possible outcome.


Our in-house team can tailor a lighting solution to meet all your requirements. We offer product customisations and modifications depending on requirements. Talk to us today.


We offer comprehensive design and engineering services for all types of solar lighting systems and can assist you with solar energy storage options for remote and off-grid applications.

Green Frog Systems Provide Solar Lighting Solutions For A Wide Range Of Additional Applications Including :

Solar Street Lights

Solar Pathway Lighting

Solar Park & Public Space Lighting

Solar Car Park & Parking Lot Lighting

Solar Security & Safety Lighting

Temporary & Portable Solar Lighting

Solar Mining & Industry Lighting

Solar Jetties & Coastline Lighting

Solar Shelter Lighting

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