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battery recycling scheme

Battery Recycling Scheme

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Green Frog Systems are an environmentally responsible business in line with our focus on light and energy storage solutions operating on renewable energy. To further enhance the communities’ efforts on reducing unnecessary landfill, we are proud to be launching our “battery take back scheme” in what we believe is a first of this kind for an Australian solar lighting manufacturer.

battery recycling scheme

Each year, a staggering 8,000 tonnes of battery waste ends up in landfill, risking our wildlife and the broader environment.

That’s why Green Frog Systems offers a ‘back to base battery return scheme’ for those batteries distributed with our range of solar powered street lights and solar energy storage systems.

By returning used batteries from any of our solar street lighting kits back to Green Frog Systems, or any of the other ABRI members (Australian Battery Recycling Initiative), you will be doing your part to reduce the thousands of tonnes of batteries that end up in landfill each and every year.

Green Frog Systems ‘back to base battery return scheme’ demonstrates our leadership and commitment to sustainable resource use, climate change mitigation, protection of biodiversity and ecosystems. This also complies with our international quality accreditation ISO 14001:2015 and PAS 99:2012.

battery recycling scheme
How does the battery recycling scheme work?


Either drop your used batteries from our GFS-200, GFS-400 Solar Street Lights or any one of our GFS-200/400/600 solar energy storage systems back to Green Frog Systems Head Office at 51 Langford St. Pooraka, South Australia 5095 [GET DIRECTIONS] or, for other locations across Australia contact one of the other ABRI members listed below.

The ABRI or Australian Battery Recycling Initiative is a not-for-profit association established in 2008 to promote responsible environmental management of batteries at end of life.

ABRI members provide a collection and recycling service for used automotive and other lead acid batteries. Contact the company or check their web site for details.

If you are a commercial business or if you have a large number of batteries, you can arrange for collection and recycling of used batteries through the following ABRI members (with a fee for service).

battery recycliong scheme
Frequently Asked Questions


Question: Is the Battery Recycling Service Free?
Answer: Yes. This service is totally free for our clients nationally and applies to any of our GFS-200, GFS-400 & GFS 200/300/600-ESS Solar Energy Storage unit batteries. These are the sealed AGM gel type batteries.

Question: Does Green Frog Systems pay freight charges to return batteries?
Answer: No. Presently this is a ‘back to base’ offer only.

Question: Why are we offering this Service?
Answer: Unlike Europe, there is no compulsory battery-recycling program for batteries in Australia. As such, over 300 million batteries end up in landfill each year. See [ Battery regulations around the world ]

Question: Will this service be available in my location?
Answer: You can return the batteries ‘back to base’ at the Green Frog Systems Head Office, located at 51 Langford St. Pooraka, South Australia 5095 or contact one of the other ABRI members listed.

Question: Where can I recycle other battery sizes?
Answer: Customers wishing to return other battery sizes (including coincell, Lantern batteries and Mobile Phone Batteries) should visit The Planet Ark Recycling Near You website

Question: Can I bring back any brand of batteries even though I did not buy them from Green Frog Systems?
Answer: No. Our Battery Recycling Program is only available for batteries obtained with a Green Frog Systems branded product at this stage.

Question: Is there a limit to the number of batteries I can return at one time?
Answer: No. You are welcome to return as many batteries as you want provided they are from Green Frog Systems solar street light / solar energy storage products.

Question: What happens to the batteries after they get collected?
Answer: The batteries are collected by one of our specialist recycling partners, sorted and returned to recycling plants that extract reusable materials for re-cycling.

battery recycling sign
ARBI Members


Tel: 03 9357 5346

Tel: 1800 489 278

Tel: 03 9303 1814

Tel: 02 8708 2015

Tel: 13 17 60

Tel: 07 3361 6161

Tel: 1800 800 811

Tel: 1300 627 742

Green Frog Systems is Now Local Buy Approved

Local Buy

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Local Buy Selects Green Frog Systems as a Preferred Solar Lighting Supplier for South Australia & Queensland Councils and Government Authorities.

solar pathway lights Wagga Wagga

Green Frog Systems is pleased to announce our appointment by Local Buy Pty Ltd as a pre-approved preferred supplier for the provision of solar powered street and pathway lighting products.

This arrangement is under the Preferred Supplier Arrangement for RFT: BUS 267 Open Spaces, Parks, Play, Sport and Recreation, for Queensland and South Australian Councils and Government Authorities. We are amongst a select 117 businesses appointed by Local Buy Pty Ltd (Local Buy).

Those to benefit from this Local Buy arrangement include:

  • Local Government
  • Queensland & South Australia Government Departments and Agencies
  • Queensland & South Australian Statutory Authorities
  • Not-For-Profit
  • Charities

Green Frog Systems is Now Local Buy Approved


Owned by the Local Government Association of Queensland (LGAQ), Local Buy is the LGAQ’s procurement service, which allows Councils to access a range of goods and services through a quotation, rather than tender process.

Local Buy arrangements are compliant with the Local Government Regulation 2012 and Local Government Act 2009. This provides Local Government entities with the assurance that suppliers have been vetted and meet requirements based on a comprehensive tender, evaluation and approval process. In addition, purchasers do not need to complete a Request for Tender (RFT) separately before engaging your services.

A prequalified panel manages the procurement compliance process on behalf of all Government agencies. This produces shortened procurement timeframes and streamlines interactions between business and Local Government.

Of benefit, QLD and SA Local Government can therefore purchase solar powered lights through Local Buy contracts, eliminating the need to go to tender or obtain multiple quotes.


Green Frog Systems has an office dedicated to servicing Far North Queensland with a Regional Office Manager, Simon Primrose. You can contact Simon at or on +61 473 746 611.

For all other enquiries contact our Australian Head Office on +61 8 7200 3909

You can also find us on the Suppliers page of the Local Buy website HERE

Light Middle East 2018

Light Middle East 2018

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Green Frog Systems will be at the Light Middle East 2018, showcasing their solar pathway light ineptly named the GFS-STEALTH due to its sleek exterior and high quality components which make it suitable for hot desert environments such as the Middle East.

Solar lighting offers a completely independent system regardless of grid connected power, lighting can be installed in locations where the cost of mains powered lighting can be prohibitive. Solar lighting such as the GFS-STEALTH Solar Light is fast becoming a much more viable option than traditional mains powered lighting fixtures as they can be safely installed by almost anyone without the need for expensive trenching, cabling or the need for an electrician to be present.

For more information about how Green Frog Systems can help you upgrade your built environment harnessing the power of the sun to illuminate your next infrastructure project or improvement contact us by phone +61 8 7200 3909 or on our CONTACT page and we will provide you with assistance to tailor the right solution for your requirements.


Light Middle East 2017


From the 23rd to the 25th Sept 2018, Light Middle East is being held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Light Middle East has established itself as the region’s number one networking and sourcing platform for the entire scope of decorative, architectural, outdoor, and indoor lighting solutions, attracting a wide range of visitor profiles from around the globe. On display will be the latest products, the most viable solutions and unmatched industry expertise.

In 2017, Light Middle East attracted 5,755 visitors from 84 countries and 345 exhibitors from 30 countries showcasing their finest products and services to a highly engaged audience. This is a truly global event with country pavilions from around the world; including Italy, France, and the UK.

In addition, Think Light forum, a two-day conference that runs alongside the show, featured more than 30 expert speakers who provided insights on many relevant topics. In addition, lighting design competitions, workshops and award ceremonies that celebrated the brightest minds in the business, also proved immensely popular.

This year, the stellar event is set to illuminate the regions lighting industry showcasing exhibitors from around the world and comprising an outstanding line-up of conference speakers. The three-day event offers a comprehensive interactive platform for manufacturers, architects, designers, consultants, engineers, construction companies, hospitality industry professionals, government officials and more.

There will be many attractions this year, including:

  • Future Zone, an exciting showcase of innovative technology, cutting edge design and trends;
  • Ready, Steady, Light – a competition that invites manufacturers, lighting designers and students to install an exterior lighting scheme under time, budget and equipment constraints; and
  • The popular Light Middle East Awards gala ceremony, celebrating the region’s outstanding projects, products and lighting design.


Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre
Address: Dubai World Trade Centre – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

The Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre is conveniently located in the heart of the city. Surrounded by a number of hotels and with a connected metro station for easy access.

Starts:  September 23
Ends:  September 25

LGA conference header

LGA Conference 2018

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Green Frog Systems, has been working with local communities for many years and we are absolutely thrilled to receive fantastic feedback from Mayor Glenn Docherty and CEO Mal Hemmerling from the City of Playford. This video was recently presented by our CEO David Wilson at the National General Assembly of Local Government 2018 in Canberra ACT. You can see the full program and list of speakers at the Australian Local Government Association website HERE

You can also see the full Playford Bowling Club Launch Video on their YouTube channel or read the project case study on the Palms Residential Village Solar Lighting Project where Green Frog Systems increased the site visibility for emergency services and public access.

USA Corporate Office

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Green Frog Systems announces launch of USA Corporate Office

Green Frog Systems are excited to announce their official launch into the North American market at LIGHTFAIR International on May 6th, 2018. Green Frog Systems is the largest designer and manufacturer of next generation solar lighting technologies in Australia, with its products tried and tested in the country’s harshest environments in readiness for its US market entry.

We are also unveiling the new GFS Stealth all in one solar light for the first time, in the USA giving visitors this year’s Light Fair the opportunity to see this unique and sophisticated solar technology for the first time outside of Australia.

smart city brochure

Rise of the South Australian Smart City

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The Rise of the South Australian Smart City

Smart cities’ is the often-heard term used to describe the use of information and communication technologies (ICT) to transform social, cultural and urban development. The Smart city concept has evolved from the initial technology focus and has broadened to include the citizen and environment.

Despite Australia’s international ‘in the saddle’ reputation, we are one of the most urbanised countries in the world. Our cities face an array of economic, demographic and environmental challenges, however. Australia is at a crossroad as it chooses a path away from the mining investment boom towards a sustainable and globally efficient economy. The Federal government has recognised the need to support initiatives to develop a knowledge-based economy and the urban environment’s part in that new economy

To illustrate this, bold plans are presently under way to roll out a 10Gbps fibre optic network in South Australia under a project conceived by the City of Adelaide to establish itself as a major business hub. Given the name ‘Gig City’, the project will provide fast and affordable gigabit internet access for start-ups, entrepreneurs and big businesses in Adelaide.

The new network will connect key innovation precincts and co-working spaces across Adelaide with affordable gigabit-speed internet that is promoted as 100-times faster than the national average. The project is the first of its kind in Australia and represents a bold new vision for South Australia, and with other such smart city projects coming to life across the country it clearly heralds the rise of the Australian Smart City. The new project is expected to be rolled out during the early part of 2018.

smart city brochure

But it’s not just about fast and cheaper internet, although this is a good place to start. Efficient buildings and public lighting; access to clean energy and water supplies; efficient transport networks; a sense of safety and security – these are the prerequisites modern cities must fulfill to stay competitive and provide a decent quality of life for its citizens. These are the aspirations of cities and towns across our nation, and the ‘hot button topics’ for governments and councils as Australian cities look to compete as major attractions for tourism, for business and community living.

Cities are starting to consider the development of their smart city in a more strategic way. Australia’s first smart airport city is being developed in Sydney and Australia’s first 5G city will be in Adelaide. These are examples of how Australian Smart city programme managers, urban planners, government decision makers, and utilities and telecommunications planners are combining efforts to fulfill the smart city vision.

victims of crime local goverment installing solar lights

Combating Crime With Lighting in NT

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Victims of Crime NT Initiative Combating Crime with Lighting

Victims of Crime NT (VoCNT) provides funding for a variety of communities throughout the Northern Territory to support projects that help in the reduction and prevention of crime, contributing to making people in the community feel safer through the implementation of CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design) principles.

An example of this is the Utju-Areyonga Community, in 2017 work was carried out to assist residents to improve their safety. Areyonga (pronounced arr-ee-yon-ga), known locally as Utju, is nestled in a spectacular valley in the western end of the MacDonnell Ranges, about 100km from Hermannsburg and 240km west of Alice Springs. Access is gained by road via Alice Springs, the road consists of both sealed (130km) and unsealed (90km) sections. In dry conditions the trip will take approximately 2.5 hours from Alice Springs, while during the wet season a four-wheel drive is necessary, with heavy rain forcing closure of the road, cutting off the community. Driving between dusk and dawn brings its own challenges as there are large populations of feral horses, donkeys, dogs and the occasional camel, as well as native kangaroos and dingoes all of which can be a significant road hazard.

The Areyonga community was established during the 1920s by the Pitjantatjara people. The Areyonga Council is responsible for the day to day management of the community and provide the essential services and infrastructure required. Despite being a relatively small population, it is a proud and vital community with its own store, community hall and a weekly air service. Utju is a dry township and no alcohol may be brought into the community. Despite this, alcohol related violence, domestic and family violence incidents occur, with break- ins and assaults not uncommon.

victims of crime local goverment installing solar lights
victims of crime local goverment installing solar lights

With consultation with the community and council, key areas were identified that were unsafe due to poor or non-existent lighting. It was determined that the installation of solar lighting would be advantageous generating less of a power drain on the limited available power supply. We contacted Green Frog Systems and consulted with their specialists to determine what type of lighting would be best suited for the project. A combination of sensor triggered solar security lights and street lights was decided upon. Two solar street lights were to be installed at the entrance to the community and at the opposite end of the community where Sorry Camp is held. Another three 12W motion activated solar security lights would be installed between the rear yards of several houses where no current lighting exited.

The Areyonga Council has a deliberate policy to limit outside contractors wherever possible with most of the service delivery performed by the locally recruited workforce, providing employment and learning/training opportunities for locals. With the support of the MacDonnell Regional Council installation of the lights began. As a result of this project, the Utju-Areyonga Community has seen a reduction in crime, with an increase in confidence of personal and community safety.

victims of crime local goverment installing solar lights
victims of crime local goverment installing solar lights

Victims of Crime NT strive to serve the needs of Territorians affected by crime, offering support, providing information and crisis counseling, along with referrals to other support services for any crime victim, past or present.  They receive funding from the Northern Territory Government and rely on donations from the public and philanthropists. VoCNT provide a 24 hour a day Free-call number 1800 672 242, offering support services for Victims of Crime in the Northern Territory. With offices in Darwin and Alice Springs, VoCNT is able to service the needs of Territorians from townships to remote communities.

“The success of this project shows what is possible when, support services like VoCNT, local government and businesses such as Green Frog Systems work together. It is partnerships like this now and into the future that can drive creating safer communities for all.” –  Jeffery Stanton, CEO Victims of Crime NT

Content kindly provided by Victims of Crime NT –

A Word From Our CEO David Wilson

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“It’s been an interesting couple of months for Green Frog Systems. We started March with a refresh of the Green Frog Systems brand and a new look website, doubled our work force, welcomed our new Marketing Communications Manager and implemented a Technical Services Specialist Service Centre to deepen our customer services support team. It highlights our commitment to deliver excellence not just in product but in customer service and our brand promise. In April we were delighted to announce that Green Frog Systems was awarded a significant federal grant under the Accelerating Commercialisation element of the Federal Entrepreneurs’ Programme, a further endorsement for Green Frog Systems.

Our innovation, research and development steps up a notch with new disruptive technologies already in the works to drive future Australian Smart Cities, plus we are in the final stages of new product technologies being developed in line with our innovation objectives for this year. The company is pushing ahead with expansion plans with upcoming launches in USA and New Zealand where we will have a footprint and boots on the ground for the first time. As we propel Green Frog Systems on to an increasingly global stage, our products are becoming more sought after, so we will continue to eye new territories and seek out professional partners. On the 7th anniversary of Green Frog Systems company incorporation, and on behalf of everyone – welcome to our very first company newsletter, where we will endeavor to bring you, our esteemed clients and partners an update on all things Green Frog Systems, to share our news, our highlights and our innovation and everything in between.”

Green Frog Systems Awarded 750K Grant

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Green Frog Systems has just been awarded $760,837 in grant funding to accelerate innovation and scale business operations in readiness for new markets. The announcement came on Wednesday the 21st March and was grant funding for Future Smart Cities development under the Accelerating Commercialisation element of the Federal Entrepreneurs’ Programme to accelerate innovation and scale business operations. You can check out the official press release here

Onslow OMSB project

Solar Street lights installed at OMSB

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Solar Street Lights Installed at the Onslow Marine Support Base, Western Australia.

Onslow OMSB project

Onslow, Western Australia – Maritime Constructions install GFS-400 solar street lights on latest infrastructure development, a $40 million Marine Support Base constructed at Onslow, Western Australia.

The development features a 204m main hard backed wharf, large laydown facilities, dual landing craft transport ramps, fuel supply, and also includes a heavy lift pad capable of accommodating a 700-tonne crane. The privately funded project will be developed into a service hub for vessels operating throughout Western Australia’s offshore oil and gas fields.

Green Frog Systems supplied eleven GFS-400 solar street lights, offering superior light coverage and a 100% off grid energy solution allowing the site owners to completely avoid the ongoing energy supply charges of mains powered flood lighting around the perimeter. The specified solar street light supplied was specifically designed to withstand the exceptionally tough Australian weather and seasonal cyclone conditions that Onslow is subject to.

solar street lights at Onslow Marine Support Base

Installation times were greatly reduced, as the system did not require extensive trenching and mains power connection.


Founded in 2011, Green Frog Systems have quickly established themselves as the leading Australian designer and manufacturer of world-class road and pathway lighting, energy storage and smart connected lighting networks for extreme environments. They service clients across a wide range of industries from all over the world providing innovative lighting solutions for government, mining, industrial and commercial infrastructure.

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