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GFS 50-MSL Shelter Light

Solar Powered Shelter Light

GFS – 50 – MSL® This all Australian made, modular LED solar shelter lighting system is built to last and designed with ultimate of reliability in mind. Robust to withstand the toughest of environments, this tough piece of kit is versatile, vandal proof and can used in almost any application. Super easy to install, without the need for an electrician, no need for digging and trenching making it a cost-effective lighting solution for all types of shelters such as bus shelters, public toilet blocks, public BBQ areas and amenities. they units are easy to install, reliable and more cost effective than digging or trenching.

The modular solar lighting system can replace mains powered canopy lighting systems for bus shelters and under cover usage. Ideal for vandalism prone areas, the LED Light station is built to last using heavy duty 316 marine grade stainless steel exterior and an impact resistant solar panel. It can be used in almost any location with access to sun light and requires NO mains power access or electrician to be installed. The unit is designed to operate reliably in the toughest environments and conditions with numerous options available.

Tough • Ultra-Reliable • High Performance



  • PIR Boost With Dual LED Driver
  • 50W Mono Crystalline Solar Panel
  • Streamlined Modular Design
  • Edge-less Frame Technology Solar Panel
  • Flexible Mounting Options
  • LiPO4 Integrated Lithium Battery
  • Intelligent Battery Management System (IBMS)
  • 316 Grade Stainless Steel Chassis
  • Fully Sealed IP-65 Rated

solar shelter light kit



  • Power to Run All Night
  • Flexible Mounting Options
  • Virtually Unbreakable
  • Precise Illumination Output
  • Smart Controls, Fully Programmable
  • 100% Australian Product
  • Unrivaled Output Regardless of Weather
  • Ultra Reliable No Running Costs
  • Zero Maintenance System
  • Smart City Ready



  • Shelters & Canopies
  • Public Toilet / Shower Blocks
  • Bus stops
  • Crime Reduction & Prevention
  • Improved Community Safety
  • Vandalism & Damage Deterrent
  • Abattoirs & Food Preparation Areas
  • 20ft & 40ft Container Lighting



GFS-50-MSL-LS LED – Complete kit – solar panel + LED light 1W – 8W (dimmable) CREE LED Light station
GFS-50-MSL-LS-PIR LED – Complete kit + PIR – solar panel + LED light w/ PIR sensor 15W / 8W CREE LED Light station
GFS-50-MSL-SPA – Solar panel assembly only external 50W IK-10 toughened glass solar panel
GFS-50-MSL-SW – Outdoor ON / OFF Switch Rotating ON / OFF outdoor switch
GFS-50-MSL-FL – Low profile external flood light with toughened glass (impact rated)



  • Flexible mounting options – supplied with mounting plates and universal mounting bracket for various roof profiles
  • Optional ON / OFF switch
  • Dimmable to minimize spill light / brightness levels
  • Multiple panel option for heavily shaded areas
  • PIR motion sensor option available


  • 316 grade stainless steel (food grade) outer shell
  • Impact resistant poly-carbonate LED lenses
  • Vandal resistant motion sensor
  • Impact resistant toughened glass solar panel
  • Brick & rock resistant


  • 360 degree motion activation from 13-14ft
  • Motion triggered 30 sec boost mode
  • Motion detection range 10-25ft


  • Fully sealed IP65 waterproof construction
  • Salt & Corrosion Resistant


  • Military Grade 50W N-Mono crystalline USA made solar cells with streamlined edge technology
  • 316 Grade Stainless steel Backing Plate
  • Rubber mount design for different roof profiles


  • Designed to charge, even in low light / heavy pollution or precipitation Automatic day sensing charge cycle with up to 14 hrs of night operation
  • Fully integrated military & telecommunications grade 30Ah lithium-ion phosphate LiFePO4 battery offering longer life than traditional Lithium batteries


  • High quality 14 x Cree USA made LED
  • 15w LED producing 1800 LM output (in boost mode)
  • 900 LM night-mode increases to 1800 LM (30sec.) when motion activated in 8W / 15W mode (dimmable)
  • Linear lens configuration ideal for pathways (standard) or spherical lenses (round) available for other applications