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Solar Lighting intended for outdoor use is exposed environmental elements with few conditions quite as demanding on exterior coatings and fittings as salt rich coastal locations such as wharves, jetties, piers and marine infrastructure.


5 years of salt exposure in 30 days.

This process uses an acidic sodium chloride solution as a form of accelerated corrosion test that delivers a sustained corrosive attack to coated finishes and the exterior shell of a product in order to evaluate the suitability of the coating or finish for use in coastal and marine environments.

Demonstrating prolonged resistance to salt spray or salt fog is just one of the tests performed and routinely inspected by the Green Frog Systems quality control team as part of our manufacturing process. This is not just for regulatory compliance to our independently audited quality standards but also to ensure we are consistently delivering higher quality products to our customers that will endure continue to perform in the most demanding environments.

Solar marina lighting at the burswood jetty Perth, WA
Solar marina lighting at the burswood jetty Perth, WA

In locations such as these > Salt corrosion resistance is essential for functionality and appearance

solar marina lighting project at burswood jetty Perth WA
Solar marina lighting at the burswood jetty Perth, WA

Salt spray testing is an important part of compliance with a range of regulatory standards, one of the most common is ISO 9227:2012 — Corrosion Tests in Artificial Atmospheres. To maintain this level of compliance with the ISO 9227:2012 standard, exterior materials and coatings are to be subjected to 720 hours of continuous exposure to a 5% atomised mineral salt solution

If you are considering lighting on a jetty, wharf, coastline or marine location
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