• Ngukurr Remote Aboriginal Community is one of the most isolated and remote Aboriginal communities on the banks of the Roper River in southern Arnhem Land, Northern Territory. A number of different clans and language groups are represented in the town, with Power outages, cyclones and vermin adding to the challenges facing any infrastructure development for the Ngukurr Community particularly the supply of reliable lighting. Despite the obstacles Roper Gulf Regional Council has announced the development of a plan to build safe road and pedestrian links between the Ngukurr School and Shop areas.


  • The key parts of the plan included 6 new GFS-200 solar street lights along the pedestrian path and walkways throughout the community.


  • Comments from the Director of Corporate Governance for Roper Gulf Council after the completion of the project were “Our feedback is that people are happy, feel safer and are really grateful, as well as running with no ongoing power costs, a major benefit of the solar-powered fixtures is that they don’t need to be installed by a qualified electrician. This means the council can include the local indigenous community in the construction process”
  • You can read the complete Roper Gulf Council press release for the Calm roads and safe footpaths project HERE
solar street and park lighting ngukurr NT
solar street and park lighting ngukurr NT
solar street and park lighting ngukurr NT