Solar Panel Stone Guard

Solar Panel Stone Guard

The Ultimate in Vandal Resistance

Although the GFS-200 is fitted with a high impact solar panel as standard, the Solar Panel Stone Guard was developedĀ for the most extreme vandalism prone installations to eliminate the potential damage of rocks, stones and other forms of deliberate abuse and damage for the GFS-200 Solar Street Lights

ItĀ uses a horizontal and vertical mesh screen that is secured underneath the bird guard on the top side of the panel then securely fastens to the solar panel support frame with all required clasps and fasteners supplied with the item.

Mounted to the solar panel frame, the solar panel stone guard mesh stretches around the solar panel framework, allowing an area of clearance to deflect projectiles from contacting the solar panels glass surface, causing damage.

With the horizontal position seated 30-35mm above the solar panel glass simply attach clasps around bottom rung of mesh and drill pilot holes. Self tapping metal screws can be used to attach clasps to the framework. Once attached the steel mesh will act as a protective barrier both visually and in the even of a projectile attack.