Solar powered lighting was required for a pair of tug boat Loading Platforms on the Hunter River in Newcastle, NSW. The lighting needed to be suitable for the water-facing location and capable of complying with the national lighting standards. Solar powered lighting was preferred for multiple reasons including a much lower cost to install and operate, the safety of no high voltage electrical circuits operating close to water and being totally independent of the mains power grid. [view location on google maps].

This meant that people could rely on these loading platforms being safely illuminated all year round to water craft on the river and for docking, even during unexpected disruptions or outages to the mains power supply.


The proposed solution for this water platform was the GFS-STEALTH all in one pole top solar light. The STEALTH light was recommended because of it’s proven reliability in coastal and salt rich environments. The units feature an advanced Tiger Drylac marine grade powder coat with all stainless steel fixtures that are built to withstand extended exposure to marine environments such as this.

Aside from the sleek design of the STEALTH lights the units are also fitted with PIR motion sensors that allow the unit to operate at half power all night until dawn with a full power ‘boost’ mode that turns the units on to full brightness whenever motion is detected on the platform. This full power boost mode remains active until 30 seconds after the movement is no longer detected within the detection zone.

Green Frog Systems are the leading national provider of ASNZS1158 compliant solar lighting solutions. We supply customised solar powered alternatives to clients seeking to illuminate coastal locations such as jetties wharves and pontoons safely and effectively. Our solutions are quick and easy to install and don’t require expensive cable trenching or mains power grid connection.

Queens Wharf Newcastle Solar Wharf Lighting
Queens Wharf Newcastle Solar Wharf Lighting
Queens Wharf Newcastle Solar Wharf Lighting
Queens Wharf Newcastle Solar Wharf Lighting

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