Location : Freshwater Cycleway Crossing | Cairns, Queensland

Project brief: Solar street lighting for road crossing. Local council was seeking a cost effective lighting solution for the extension of the Freshwater Cycleway that would improve the safety of pedestrians, cyclists and motorists. The Cairns Regional Council consulted Green Frog Systems for a solar roadway lighting solution that could be fitted to a region specific cyclone rated pole.


Green Frog Systems evaluated the details of the crossing and recommended a GFS-400 solar street light for the project. This fixture is specifically designed for roadway applications and features 60w LED all night operation capable of achieving the illumination standard required for roadway applications such as this. The GFS-400-KT variation of this product is supplied without a pole as it’s intended to replace existing lighting fixtures and was the most suitable as it could easily be fitted to the custom cyclone rated 9m pole the client required for this location.

• Product Supplied: GFS-400-KT 60w solar street light kit with specified cyclone region pole.


Testimonial “Council recently installed the GFS 400 product at a cycleway crossing in Freshwater. We are highly satisfied with the quality and performance of the product and the value for money the install provided as an alternate to mains power connection. Following the install CRC are investigating further use of GFS products and would recommend GFS to other LGAs. Thanks.”

Travis Mitchell – Coordinator Capital Works | Infrastructure Planning | Cairns Regional Council


solar roadway lighting cairns
solar roadway lighting cairns

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