Pt. Hedland, and it’s local government area in the Pilbara region of Western Australia for the twin towns of Port Hedland and South Hedland was visited by the team at Green Frog Systems on the way to Karratha in WA for the site visit after being awarded their Region D – Cyclone Rated Solar Street Lighting tender.

Pt. Hedland were interested in the capabilities of having a centrally managed smart street lighting system and wanted to install some of our GFS-Sentinel 50w LED Mains Powered Street Lights Featuring the smart controller ready NEMA7 sockets onto existing street light poles in the foreshore area.

The previous street lighting was in need of replacement due to the demanding coastal weather conditions.

The proposed options were:

Option 1:

Cemetery Beach Lighting Upgrade (Smart City Option)
37 x GFS-Sentinel 50W LED Mains Street Light w/NEMA7
37 x NEMA7 Plug & Play Wireless Lighting Controller
37 x Wireless Management Software Lic (10yr Subscription)
1 x Wireless Ethernet Gateway Data w/GSM Modem

Option 2: Cemetery Beach Lighting Upgrade
37 x GFS-Sentinel 50W LED Mains Street Light w/NEMA7 shorting plug


  1. Had to meet lighting level Australian Lighting Standards and Requirements from Council
  2. Had to withstand the demanding condition posed by being directly on the coast
  3. Had to be a cost effective solution for the council


GFS-Sentinel 50w LED Mains Powered Street Lights Featuring the NEMA7 smart controllers which would be centrally managed and controlled by the Port Hedland Council.


sentinel street light Pt. headland WA
street lighting project at port hedland WA
sentinel 50 street lights
sentinel-50 street lights
street lights in car park
street lights of car park 50w sentinel