The Palms Residential Village Roadway Entrance Lighting – Stupple Road, Waterloo Corner, South Australia


The City of Playford Council approached Green Frog Systems to design a solar light solution for The Palms Residential Village main road entrance. The village has over 250 homes and caters for people 50 years and over. The entrance did not have any main road lighting and hazardous for people visiting or leaving the complex. To install new mains street lighting was going to be a very expensive exercise for the council, adjacent to the intersection is high voltage power lines leaving the best solution solar street lights.


After undertaking an analysis by Green Frog Systems engineers, our best solution was to install 4x GFS-200 30W LED solar street lights on the park side. A lux simulation was conducted to identify the best location for the lights to be installed. Solar lighting has no ongoing operating costs which a win for the council.


After installation and inspection, council was very impressed with the outcome. We have received positive feed back from many people living in the pack and they’re very happy with the results. You can grab a copy of the official case study >>palms-residential-village-roadway-lighting-case-study