Is there any difference between safety lighting and security lighting?

Safety Lighting

One of the most common questions we get asked is how to choose the appropriate level of safety lighting.  Safety lighting illuminates numerous places including pathways, bike trails, driveways, outdoor stair-wells, amenities or any other location in or around a park or public space.

These types of light are primarily designed to be functional. Green Frog Systems have never been known to sacrifice form over function and so offer a variety of safety lighting products to suit commercial and industrial applications including large area flood lighting for Councils, Government and heavy industry applications.

Security Lighting

There is often some confusion in the difference between security and safety lighting. The simple response we give our customers is that Safety lighting systems are intended to prevent accidents and accidental damages whilst security lighting  acts as a deterrent against intentional misuse or willful damage. For instances where lighting alone is not sufficient a solar powered security camera can be employed as a further security measure.

Flood lights are a common choice for both of these applications, particularly commercial premises, business properties or yards. We have a full range of flood lighting solutions in both AC and solar powered options. If you’d like a bit of further information you can get in touch through the contact page, chat window or just give us a ring. We’re always happy to hear from you.

Unique Solar Technology

Our unique solar & LED lighting technology works autonomously with very little maintenance required offering our customers the best possible outcomes for each unique project and situation.

Bespoke Solutions

We have several years experience designing and constructing custom LED lighting solutions and solar energy storage systems. We have worked with numerous clients to build and implement custom lighting solutions for some of the most demanding conditions on earth.

Success at Scale

Our lighting products and systems have been designed and built to facilitate the largest Government and Council infrastructure developments and projects.

New ideas

We have a talented in house team of designers and engineers able to help our clients generate project plans from concept right up to delivery and executions.

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