Green Frog Systems, are excited to be showcasing their premium range of commercial grade solar lighting products at the 65th NALMCO Annual Convention & Trade Show being held from October 7-10, 2018. This display of solar powered outdoor lighting products utilizes solar power from the sun to keep outdoor areas safe and increase accessibility after dusk.

“I am excited to announce my return as an exhibitor to the 2018 NALMCO Conference in Orlando, Florida next week.” stated Dave Muckey, V.P. of Sales for the Americas “But this time I will be show casing Green Frog Systems’ latest range of “Disruptive Solar Lighting Products” and I’m sure we’ll be the buzz of this conference! Please stop by our booth #5 for a personal demonstration!”

Solar lighting solutions don’t require mains power to operate, environmental disruption caused by trenching and wiring is avoided with the technology fast becoming the most cost effective outdoor lighting solution available as they offer a low voltage option that does not require an electrician to install with some units requiring only a single touch to initiate the automatic operation.

NALMCO has been in existence for more than 60 years. NALMCO is the National Association of Lighting Maintenance Companies, an organization that develops and promotes the highest professional standards for lighting management professionals. The membership association consists of partners within the lighting industry. Members are able to become certified. NALMCO members are equipped to help implement lighting solutions that reduce overall maintenance costs, save energy and benefit the environment.

Lighting contractors, energy-service companies and other lighting management professionals join NALMCO for a variety of benefits, including a network of over 1,800 other lighting professionals, opportunities in continued education, certifications and members-only access to events and industry news. They believe lighting programs or projects must be developed with the long-term in mind; savings, quality, reliability, productivity and energy efficiency.

For pricing and information on the best solar lighting solution for your application contact us today on +1 (214) 838-7010 or through the CONTACT page.

solar powered street lighting cycloine rated design

The most reliable, robust, virtually unbreakable Solar Street Light on the market. They are consistently chosen by numerous councils across Australia due to their robust construction quality and dependable all night operation. Ideal anywhere from remote outback Australia to inner city locations. The GFS-200 Solar Street Light Kit is perfect for pathways, roads and streets or parking lots. Wherever performance and reliability is key.

Since 1953, NALMCO was the first organization in the lighting industry to create nationally recognized professional lighting management certifications. The certifications identify leaders within the lighting industry and help identify highly trained professional, lighting management professionals. The organization provides internationally recognized lighting experts, professional development opportunities, special networking events, a trade show, one-on-one appointments with exhibitors and recreational activities across their annual event, education and workshop calendar.

The annual convention and trade show is being held in Florida’s, Omni Orlando Resort at Championsgate.

Address: 1500 Masters Blvd, Championsgate, FL 33896, USA
Phone: +1 407-390-6664

Starts:  October 7, 2018
Ends:  October 10, 2018

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