Save on Utility Bills with Solar Powered Lighting for Parking Lots & Intersections.

Solar lighting is the most cost effective way to illuminate outdoor parking lots and public areas without the need for electricians, trenching or cabling.
Increase public safety for public facilities at night and improve public access to poorly lit locations with solar.
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sentinel 50 street lights

Smart Street Lighting – Port Hedland Case Study


APEX PARK – Wagga Wagga, NSW

GFS-400 Swains Crossing Road, Victor Harbor

Swains Crossing Rd, Victor Harbor

solar car park lighting 9 metre high solar powered car park lighting

Solar Parking Lot & Intersection Lighting

  • Green Frog Systems’ help organizations achieve energy-efficient lighting solutions.
  • We have 7+ years of experience designing and manufacturing solar LED lighting solutions for parking lots and intersections.
  • LED lighting for parking lots and intersections is a significantly higher quality light creating a brighter environment offering uniform lighting distribution with fewer dark spots and coverage gaps.
  • If you own or manage a parking lot or car parking space you need to consider solar powered lighting when faced with replacing or repairing legacy lighting infrastructure.
  • Parking lots are such large areas their potential to consume energy usage is huge.
  • Solar lighting systems have been installed in numerous business, municipality and HOA parking lots providing lighting without the need for grid connection, cabling or trenching to install.
  • Provides significant cost savings on traditional outdoor lighting infrastructure of up to 80%.
  • Provide security, sustainability and an overall update to the functionality of your parking lot and outdoor spaces.
  • Maintenance savings, both on fixture and labor costs as LED lighting utilizes lighting technology that is more efficient.
  • The battery backup provides on average five days autonomy for autonomous operation through almost any weather conditions.


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